The true benefits and harms of Coffee!

The coffee we drink every day has a history of 600 years. Starting from Ethiopia and continuing to the present day. Coffee gives peace with the smell, happiness with taste.


Coffee is consumed for many reasons, such as getting up in the morning, staying awake at night, getting away from stress, relaxing. Today we will share a content with you about the benefits and harms of coffee.


Some may say that caffeine intake due to coffee consumption can make you have heart rhythm disorders and according to irregular heartbeats, you can have heart palpitations or tachycardia. But the latest scientific data shows that there is no relationship between caffeine products and rhythm disorders. Also in another study, a few cups of coffee in a day can prevent the vascular occlusion which leads to heart disease. Otherwise, your heart health can be truly damaged.

Blood pressure

In 2003, a study made by the University of Edinburgh experts, have changed the views on the effect of coffee on blood pressure. Blood pressure of regular coffee drinkers rose rapidly. In short, regular coffee consumption can affect blood pressure and also can trigger blood pressure diseases.


Coffee stimulates stomach acid secretion. Consequently coffee does not cause stomach discomfort such as ulcers, but it triggers the worsening of these diseases.


In the two reports announced this year; there were different opinions about the effects of caffeine on Type 2 diabetes. Research conducted in the United States shows that having coffee while eating has bad effects on diabetes. Another research in England shows that research is insufficient and Type 2 diabetes is not adversely affected by coffee as explained. Experts argue that coffee has an effect on diabetes, not on caffeine. As a result, they argue that minerals in coffee have an effect on diabetes, not the caffeine.

Water loss

Some of the experts argue that coffee causes loss of fluid in the body, while some argue that this loss is insignificant.

A migraine

Coffee has long been one of the stimulants that triggered a migraine since long periods of time. Research has shown that the components of coffee cause migraine by triggering blood cells in the brain.

Vitamin and mineral loss

Caffeine prevents the body from absorbing iron and other nutrients. It also causes calcium to be excreted in the urine. This increases the risk of osteoporosis.


Caffeine is known to affect fertility negatively. Drinking three cups or more of coffee a day reduces the woman’s fertility rate. Because excessive consumption of caffeine adversely affects ovulation. Another striking result is coming from Brazil. In his research conducted by experts from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, men who drink coffee regularly every day proved to have stronger sperm than non-drinkers. Experts argue that caffeine has a stimulating effect on sperm, they claim that the same effect in the central nervous system.


Like green and black tea, coffee also contains antioxidants. This prevents the proliferation of cancer-causing cells.


The coffee, which affects a migraine negatively, is surprisingly good for a headache. Coffee, which contains some substances found in headache medicines, is more effective in a headache than 40 percent compared to painkillers.

Brain stimulation

Coffee is helping concentration. In the researches, it is seen that school-age children are more successful in the morning lessons when they drink milk with a small amount of coffee.


Contrary to what is known in the studies; coffee appears to be beneficial against cellulite. Due to its granular structure, coffee is preferred as skin peeling.

As seen above, coffee has its benefits and harms. But it is an indisputable fact that coffee that is not consumed in excess is really useful.


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