Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse New Trailer’s analysis.

The new trailer of the film in The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse draws us to the depths of this animated series where there are a lot of spiders.

Reference to the past

The initial scenes of the movie remind us of the Peter Parker we are familiar with, especially the Tobey Maguire version that we remember from the Sam Raimi movies. I think you remembered the car that spiderman stopped, the kissing scene that took place in the first film, and the car that drove into the café.

Phil Lord, Chris Miller wanted the film to be like this

We were very impressed with the animation style we saw in the trailer. Directors, as well as producer Phil Lord, Chris Miller wanted the film to be like this. I mean, they wanted it to look like a living picture like we broke into a comic book. Looks like this movie used the biggest animation team ever used.

Scorpio, Doctor Octopus, and Lizard

The trailer also shows us Spider-Man’s eternal enemies like Scorpio, Doctor Octopus, and Lizard. In addition to that info, comics and corn flakes appearing on the trailer are from real life. Even the melted ice cream photo is taken by the official movie crew.

From Earth-616 to Earth-1610

Did you notice the Coca-cola scene? Here we go from Earth-616 to Miles Morales’s Earth-1610. Even without we say that you can easily understand that by looking into taxis, police cars and coca-cola billboards.


In the following sections, we see a person known as Wilson Fisk “King Pin”. As in the comic, the character is quite colossal in animation. We see him in front of a supercollider. Probably this image gives us the comic version of the hadron collider at CERN. Did you notice that the computer screen returned an AFHC PROBE_DEPLOYMENT.EXE error? Maybe this means one of both Alternative Frontier Hadron Collider or Alternative Future Hadron Collider.

Spider universes are mixing

This collider opens up a kind of portal and seems to cause different spider universes to mix. As a result of the collision, the ink spots are as if a comic strip is flowing into another. Pretty nice detail.

Other Universes

Let’s go to the next scene. Here, Miles and Peter meet, and Peter explains the other universes using French fries. Just like David Haller described the alternative reality in his FX show. If you look at the restaurant voucher you’ll see that the prices are insane. Asking thirty thousand dollars for hamburgers and fries can be the meaning of the dollar is worthless or a referral to food is very expensive in New York.


In the next scene, we see Peter Parker giving a few spider tactics to Miles Morales. Also in this scene, we meet with Gwen Stacey, known as Spider-Gwen. She is bitten by a radioactive spider in the Earth-65 and become a Spider-Woman. Earth-65 is also the world where Peter Parker is the Lizard and the Lizard dies as a result of a collision with Gwen.

Spider-man Noir, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker

Now we’il meet the remaining spiders. First, there is Spider-man Noir from the Earth-90214. He is a hero who comes from a world of crime and uses weapons to kill people. Then we see Peni Parker from 14512. Peni was adopted by Uncle Ben and Aunt May and pilot of SP // dr. Finally, we meet Spider-Ham. A spider’s himself bitten by a pig and became Spider-Ham. We liked the details of the Spider-Ham animations. Spider-Ham looks like a looney tunes character and even officially looks like Porky Pig.

Fisk, Scorpio, Green Goblin and Tombstone

There are some bad guys towards the end. We see a three-dimensional chaos in Brooklyn. A building is officially disappearing pixel by pixels. We also see Fisk, Scorpio, and Tombstone in battle. In the next scene, we see the green goblin. Which we liked graphics most.

Ned Leeds

On the last scene, six Spider-man’s on the ceiling while Miles’s schoolmate reads her comic book. This person can be Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. Whoever Spider-man comic book reading in a Spider-man movie is a good submission. Did you also notice Spider-ham’s legs? The final scene of the trailer refers to the first animation released and this time it is the sticker of the miles. Also, Miles’s last stance is quite familiar to us, and it reminds us of the black panther poster.


Who is the best among these alternative spiders? Your comments are welcome in the comment section.

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