Who was living on the world 100,000 years ago?

100,000 Years Ago Who Were Living in the World?

In almost all belief systems, community legends we came across the stories, myths,  and tales that talk about giants. In these myths, legends, and tales, which belong to many cultures, we see that giants have different appearances and features than people. For example, the one-eyed giant Cyclops in the Odessa Epic can be distinguished from a normal person by the single eye in the middle of his forehead, although he appears to be human.

How are the stories of the giants, who were told that they lived at the same time, in many different continents of the world? According to the written sources of many ancient civilizations, giants lived in ancient times.


  • Many historians and thinkers who lived in ancient times talked about the size of giants and some even claimed that they have met them. Giants with a sound and appearance different from a normal person are said to be about 3-4 meters in length.
  • The priests in the early Christian period claimed that the length of Adam and Eve were as long as a giant. Adam is 4 meters tall, while Eve is 3 meters tall. The gigantic bones, skeletons, and skulls that emerged as a result of excavations made in the past years prove that the giants really lived in the past.
  • In an excavation carried out in a village of Turkmenistan, a footprint of 5 meters length, believed to belong to 150 million years ago, and in 1935 in Hong Kong, 5 times the teeth of a normal human tooth, 60 centimeters in size, the skull was found in Alaska in 1950. All these archaeological ruins prove to us that the giants lived in the past.
    • At the same time, according to many scientists, the enormous ancient ruins in the world prove that the giants lived. Because, even with advanced technology, it is very difficult to make these huge structures. 100,000 years ago, it is impossible for these structures to be constructed by people of normal size without technological machinery.
    • Stonehenge in England is ancient structures that cannot be built by people of normal size.


So what do modern scientists think about giants? Many scientists believe that the giants once lived and disappeared as a result of a cosmic cataclysm. It is thought that oxygen is high and gravity is low in the years when the giants live. But as a result of an asteroid that hit the earth, the gigantic creatures living on the planet have died and the survivors of this disaster have begun to live with less oxygen and more gravity. Over time, the size of people began to shorten and reached the ideal dimensions of today.


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