Utah University Athlete Lauren McCluskey Shot and Killed by Melvin Rowland

Student and athlete of  Utah University were shot and killed Monday night. According to claims Lauren killed on campus by a former boyfriend.

Lauren’s family has been ruined

Lauren McCluskey,  from Pullman Washington, was found dead in the back seat of a parked car near a residential hall on campus. She was only 21. Lauren was a highly regarded member of the university’s athlete team and outstanding student. She was senior majoring in communication. School officials called and told the family of Lauren what happened last night. Of course, they met with shock. Lauren’s family has been ruined by this news.

Rowland was 37, Lauren was 21

The suspect for Lauren’s death, Melvin Rowland, a former sex offender, killed himself  after a police pursuit, according to University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy. Rowland and McCluskey had a romantic relationship back then, Brophy said. Also, Rowland was 37 although Lauren was 21. The body of the suspect in the shooting death of a University of Utah student Monday night was found in a church near campus, CBS Salt Lake City affiliate KUTV reports. The suspect, later identified as Melvin Rowland, died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, the station says.

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