Truths of the brain! What percentage of the brain do we use?


According to a 2013 study, about 65 percent of the world believes that we use only 10 percent of our brains. But this is just a myth, according to an interview with the Scientific American neurologist Barry Gordon. He explained that the majority of the brain is almost always active. The 10 percent legend is thought to be so common in a few films, series, and books.

So, what percentage of our brain do we use?

Neuroscientists can use magnetic resonance imaging or another method of MRI to see which parts of the brain work when people are thinking or doing something.
Even with a simple action, such as squeezing and loosening our fist, or even a few words, we need to run more than 10 percent of our brain.

Brain is busy

Even when we do nothing, our brain is very busy; you control functions such as breathing and heartbeats or memorize a list of things to do. With every move we make, we run a separate lobe of our brain with each thought or emotion. Based on this information, we use all of our brains.













Then where does the 10 percent myth come from?

It is unclear how this legend began, but there are several possible sources. One of them: In an article published in the 1907 edition of Science magazine, psychologist and author William James claimed that people only used some of their mental resources. However, he did not specify a percentage. This great legend has been the subject of articles, television programs and movies, which explains why it is so widespread.


The perception that we can use 10% of our brains was introduced after the death of Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, in 1995 on his brain. It is known that research at the time focused on the brain and even some brain surgery operations were banned. The discourse of scientists at that time was that only the shell or the Kortex in the brain called the brain and the part of the brain cells was working and the rest were dysfunctional.


As a result of this autopsy, the cells in the cortex or shell of the brain were counted. And this research has resulted in a great disappointment. Because people in the same age group had the same amount of brain cells. And Einstein was no different from the people in his age groups.

What should we do to improve brain function?


  1. Nutrients: Food rich in protein is highly injured in the body. Regular breakfast also maximizes your mental performance; If you consume carbonated drinks you have the opposite effect.
  2. Regular exercise: Regular exercise also reduces the risk of health problems such as “Bunchiness” “Alzheimer”, which can cause problems of brain function loss. Cardiovascular activities such as walking quickly for only 30 minutes per day; It may be enough to reduce the risk of decreased brain function.
  3. Music: Mozart listening, which is very effective especially in babies, developed mathematically intelligence and music lessons increased the level of IQ in children. It has been observed that listening to music also improves brain functions in adults.
  4. Memory games: Memory games that we frequently encounter in internet play a big role in the development of your memory. Intelligence tests also find their place in this category. Many large companies and companies ask their employees in their job interviews.
  5. Sleep: Sleep at least 5 hours during 24 hours and sleep at most 7 to 9 hours affects intelligence development and brain functions. Also you can check our another article about sleep via this link.


Is there really no one left-brained and right-brained?

It is said that the brain, which we encounter in many media and in our daily life, is divided into two as for right and left. It’s hard for you to accept such amazing information, isn’t it? In 2013, more than 1,000 people, including scientists, were surveyed at the University of Utah, USA. In the examination, it was seen that the brain worked as a whole when people did not use the right or left part of the brain for any movement or thought.



Because of the complexity of the organ, scientists are still learning new things about the brain. The idea that a person uses only 10 percent of his brain is a myth. Simple fMRI scans show that even the brain requires all to be active.

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