Truth of fight between cats! Nicki Minaj VS. Cardi B Phone Records

The History of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Relationship

Friend or enemy? Are they really enemies? Or is there a cooperation? Here’s what happened.

According to our hearings in March 2017, Nicki liked a bad comment from Cardi’s video.

After Cardi dropped a 1-minute freestyle on Instagram, Afan caught a screenshot, showing Nicki’s likeness to comment “dumb ass”. But after some time, many users have pointed out that this is probably a fake.

But, Nicki danced to ‘Bodak Yellow’ a few weeks later.

Have seen that the rapper shook his head at a Miami nightclub admiring Cardi’s summer glory.

Nicki gave her green light to Cardi’s boyfriend, Offset.  In ‘No Flag’  rap song she had Cardi posting.

“I heard these labels are trying to make another me / Everything you’re getting little hoe is because of me”. According to rumors, Minaj attack’s Cardi via this song. Many believe this is a diss for Cardi about her boyfriend.

Nicki Minaj tweeted shortly after this to clarify that the ‘No Flag’ words were not related to Cardi.

The rapper claimed to have written this particular line in previous months ago.

In August 2017, Cardi poured insults at an anonymous woman during a performance.

“You know that bitch she never liked me, and suddenly she wants to be friends with me, what a bitch,” said Cardi on the MoMA PS1 stage. “I still don’t like you, bitch”. Was this person Nicki?

Cardi B discussed the rumors with Nicki during an interview at the 2017 MTV VMAs.

“Cardi said that I dont want trouble with anyone.  I just want to make music and make money,” says Cardi. “I don’t have time to look at other women and what they do.”. “We have to be the dairy cow of the whole industry, you know? I’m getting popping with these hands. ”

Cardi B opened the alleged fire in the G Eazy ‘No Limit’ verse.

“Can you stop with all the subs? Bitch I ain’t Jared,” The rapper says in the lyrics, and many think that she is targeting Nicki.


A few weeks later, Cardi denied that she had a problem with Nicki and claimed that the two have no problem.

In the Breakfast Club, ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer said, two female rappers have “chat”. “It is clear: I must be in the hood, even though it’s something people don’t understand.” Don’t make comment anymore said, Cardi.

Nicki and Taylor Swift’s fans tried to keep Cardi’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ away from being number one in lists.

The fans started to publish the song “Look What You Made Me Do”, fans imagine that Taylor could beat Cardi’s song. Taylor’s fans expected the idols to be number one, and Nicki’s fans said she was afraid that the Cardi could be next Nicki Minaj.

After Bodak Yellow’ hit number one, Nicki did not take the time to congratulate Cardi.

“Congratulations to fellow NEW YAWKA on a record,” Nicki wrote. And as a response to that tweet, Cardi have thanked her and telling her, “That means so much from you!”

Both Nicki and Cardi have together featured in Migos “Motorsports” song, which released in October 2017.

The song was first released in Migos’s album ‘Culture II’. This song was the first collaboration, Cardi and Nicki. The duo came together in the official video but in different scenes.

With the song “Motorsport”, Cardi wanted to show that the two did not hate each other as the rumors.

While in an interview with Capital XTRA, Cardi said that the pair spoke a little while ago, and added that the last verse that belongs to Nicki was different than the original, as Cardi hear. When Migos’s member, Quavo, approached him to jump, she explained that she is very happy with this opportunity.

Cardi spoke for hours before the release of the first album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’.

I’ve spoken to her before. I mean, I always say I don’t want anyone to diss me and stab my back. If its a  thing we can talk about, then we can talk because that’s not always rah-rah or rah-rah.



By the way, what is Cardi B’s social media accounts?

Hmm well guys, unfortunately, she does not have a snapchat account. So at least we didn’t find an account for Cardi B. However, We have  Cardi B Twitter, Cardi B Instagram and a Cardi B Facebook page (@iamcardib).

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj will compete for the Best Female Rap Artist Award at the Billboard Awards.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj will start at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards after they have both been nominated for Bhad Bhabie as well as the Best Female Rap Artist. Both artists are preparing new albums in 2018. Who will win?

Nicki and Cardi compare with each other during the 2018 Met Gala.

The couple has a friendly attitude, chatting with each other, on a stormy night full of stars. It is claimed that the couple was put together by designer Jeremy Scott, who was designed by Nicki’s close friend at the beginning of the week.

Nicki Minaj tells Cardi B to stop being so sensitive to criticism.

Nicki Minaj gave some support to Cardi B when his platform was on Queen Radio. She said: “May She had a problem with what I said for her, but I won’t bite my tongue. You must have thick skin. People always talk about me. You cannot expect to love and love and to praise all this time. Give me a break.”

Cardi B fought with Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week 2018.

Cardi B’s Harper’s Bizarre’s party at New York Fashion Week was reportedly undergoing a physical change with Nicki Minaj. According to TMZ, Cardi aimed to solve Nicki’s problems in a friendly way. However, after he had been taken a blow on his face, Cardi then tried to fight and tossed his shoe to melee.


By The Way Nicki Minaj and Tyga Releasing New Single Rework “Dip” Today

Tyga puts a new Nicki Minaj verse in “Dip”.

Last month, Tyga opened two new singles in “Swap Meet” and “Dip”. Fans were impressed by both, but in the end, did not have as much tragedy as the “Taste”. Obviously, T-Raw, producer D.A. with a good chemistry. When Doman recently launched his own “ZEZE” remix, he now works with the beatmaker as the “Dip” reworked.



Who got the juice be sending you n***as brazy
Who got ’em mad? Like man that p*ssy wavy
Yeah, I had to dash, like damn baby I’m Stacey
W-When you turn ’em down, these clowns turn into babies
Who got the juice be sending you n***as brazy
W-W-Who got ’em mad? Like man that p*ssy wavy
All these niggas want me to love ’em like I’m Keke
Got ’em in they feelings since they seen me in “FEFE”


Also another “worth to shot” song from Nicki

Nicki Minaj – Barbie Tingz



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