The Truth About Master Name of the World Pop History ”Michael Jackson“. He Didn’t Actually Die!


The year 2009, and one morning the world awoke with shocking news: Michael Jackson is dead!


When Michael Jackson died, this news shook the world public. This tragic news took place on the morning of June 25, 2009. Millions of fans were very upset with the end of the actor’s glorious life. Even his admiration was so high that people did not believe in his death. Michael Jackson’s fans were always in doubt. Is Micheal Jackson really dead?

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What was the cause of death?

What was the cause of the death of the world star? Some people were told that he died because he used too much medicine. According to some people and official information on Google, the cause of death was cardiac arrest. In addition, there were those who told him that he had died because his doctor gave him the wrong medication. Why do we have so many different opinions? Maybe someone was trying to cover up Michael Jackson’s death?


Evidence that the Great Star isn’t dead!

There was a lot of evidence about Jackson not dead. We found them and created the following list;

  1. Was He The Person In The Car?
    On the morning of his death, his lifeless body was placed in the ambulance in front of the house. However, he stopped at the ambulance hospital’s parking lot. And Jackson walked out with the help of the guards.


  2. Helicopter :
    Michael Jackson, the video of the helicopter was lying on a stretcher. But they appeared a very interesting detail. The person lying on the stretcher was Michael Jackson and was trying to get out of the stretcher.


  3. Is His Soul Moving Around His Home?
    And the most confusing of the assertions was the way his soul was wandering around Michael Jackson’s house.


  4. Album’s Cover Photo:
    *  An album was released following his death. And the cover photo of this album seems very normal at first glance, but it was seen that a large message was hidden when examined carefully.
    * The word “ALIVE” was hidden on Michael Jackson’s lips. This word means “alive, living or living”.
  5. Best friend Dave Dave:
    On the day of Michael Jackson’s death, a CNN program called someone named Dave Dave. Supposedly Dave Dave was Michael Jackson’s best friend.
    * But they had no photographs taken together. And they weren’t seen anywhere together. Was it possible that he wasn’t photographed with his best friend? How many people are there, at least with their best friend? This didn’t seem convincing. And the most interesting thing about Dave Dave was his voice and face features were exactly the same as Michael Jackson.

    And the person who had protected Michael for many years was in the program with Dave Dave. As Dave Dave spoke, his guardian’s smile was laughing as he knew Michael was dressed as Dave Dave.

  6. An interview
    What was said in an interview about Michael Jackson actually revealed a truth?. Michael Jackson was actually a master of disguise.
    In an interview about Jackson, this person says he forgot that it was necessary to change clothes. And he said that by mistake
    I called “Dave” top Michael Jackson.
  7. Funeral :
    His funeral was followed by an unnecessary joy and a smile reflected on his faces, all of which were seen by everyone including his family. Shouldn’t everyone be so fond of death with such a star and famous name?
  8. Funeral Ceremony 2
    Also, there was another point at the funeral that Michael Jackson’s mastery of disguise once again came to the fore.
    * During the funeral is a blond woman sitting in the front row. But when you look at this woman a lot of symptoms like Michael Jackson are seen. The nose part is exactly the same as Jackson.
  9. * The structure of the jaw is quite similar to the one you see below.* And the last detail of this blonde lady for some reason Adam’s apple is a separate irony.

  10. The mall :
    There are a few young shopping malls in the United States during the hours when they see Michael Jackson coming out. Jackson, who also has bodyguards, hiding his face with the bag in his hand when he sees the teenager being on video and his bodyguards are preventing the teenager from shooting.
  11. Paris Jackson :
    Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, takes a picture while traveling by car. And he publishes this photo. However, a person sitting in the back seat and hiding itself is stunned. Do you think this could be Michael Jackson?

Why Would Michael Jackson Act Like he Die and Continues to Live?

Michael Jackson will be dead for almost 10 years. But there is a lot of evidence that he has lived, perhaps, but more than 2 million people in the world still believe that Michael Jackson is alive. We think he’s still alive. And why did he do that?

After his death, İlliminati was among those who claimed to have been killed by the organization that he did not want to serve. In the same way, Amy Winehouse’s death was tied to the organization of the Illuminati. The organizing organization is a very large organization and a very mysterious organization founded centuries ago. I honestly don’t think that Illuminati has anything to do with Michael Jackson’s death. Because if he didn’t die, but he died, he wouldn’t have done it.

Famous singer Taylor Swift, in a statement, “I’m kneeling in front of a stupid pyramid.” he declared that he rejected Illuminati. And by this time, no event related to the Illuminati has been given name, has not given a secret message describing any of the Illuminati organization in their clips, clothing, and harness. But the singer is still alive. In other words, a long story to say that the Illuminati does not kill those who do not want to serve him. Going back to Michael Jackson, Michael’s name was mixed up in 2004 when he tried to get alcohol into children aged 16 and sexually harassed. And he was charged with nine different offenses. Those cases were still continuing before his death. He could have done something like that for these cases.

And do you think Michael Jackson is dead? If he wasn’t dead, why would he do that?


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